The State of Florida SealFlorida Constitution Revision Commission

Once every twenty years, Florida's Constitution provides for the creation of a thirty-seven member revision commission for the purpose of reviewing Florida's Constitution and proposing changes for voter consideration. The Commission is composed of the Attorney General, fifteen appointees from the Governor, nine appointees from the Florida Senate President, nine appointees from the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, and three appointees from the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court. Once the members are appointed, they meet at the call of the Chair to begin their work.

The Commission meets for approximately one year, traveling the State of Florida, identifying issues, performing research, and possibly recommending changes to the Constitution. Any amendments proposed by the Commission would be placed on the 2018 General Election ballot. Any amendments placed on the ballot by the Commission would have to secure 60 percent approval by voters to be added to the Constitution.

The last comprehensive review of Florida's Constitution occurred in 1997-1998.

March 20, 2017 CRC Organization Meeting Notice (pdf)

March 20, 2017 CRC Organization Meeting Packet (pdf)

Meeting Notice: CRC Confirmed Public Hearings March 29-April 12, 2017 (pdf)