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The CRC completed its work and submitted its final report. This website is maintained for archival purposes.

Florida Constitution Revision Commission

CRC Office — Press Release


November 1, 2017

CONTACT: Meredith Beatrice, (850) 508-5204

ICYMI - CRC Chairman Carlos Beruff LTE in the News-Journal: “Commission is Listening”

Letter to the Editor: Commission is Listening

Re Daytona Beach News-Journal Editorial, “Don’t be Stingy with Public Ideas”

By Carlos Beruff, Chairman, 2017-2018 Constitution Revision Commission

November 1, 2017

“The Oct. 26 News-Journal editorial, 'Don’t be Stingy with Public Ideas,' correctly mentions that commissioners serving on the Constitution Revision Commission said they would try to incorporate some of the public’s ideas into their own proposals. The good news is that several proposals already filed by commissioners represent hundreds of ideas submitted by the public.

“As we began the process of reviewing thousands of public ideas and proposal submissions, it became clear that hundreds of Floridians were proposing similar changes to the Florida Constitution. Part of our job as commissioners is to identify these similar ideas and then file proposals in the appropriate legal language.”

Read the entire Letter to the Editor by CRC Chairman Carlos Beruff at



Once every 20 years, Florida's Constitution provides for the creation of a 37-member revision commission for the purpose of reviewing Florida's Constitution and proposing changes for voter consideration. The Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) meets for approximately one year, traveling the State of Florida, identifying issues, performing research and possibly recommending changes to the Constitution. Any amendments proposed by the CRC would be placed on the 2018 General Election ballot. For additional information, visit Follow the CRC on social media @FloridaCRC (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube).