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The CRC completed its work and submitted its final report. This website is maintained for archival purposes.

Florida Constitution Revision Commission

CRC Office — Press Release


February 12, 2018

CONTACT: Meredith Beatrice, (850) 508-5204

CRC Announces Public Hearing Participation Guidelines

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) today announced the following Participation Guidelines for upcoming public hearings. The goal of the new participation guidelines is to help ensure that all Floridians wishing to speak before the CRC have an opportunity to be heard and to help facilitate reasonable waiting times.

The next stops on the CRC’s “Road to the Ballot” public hearing tour will be on Monday, February 19th in Melbourne at Eastern Florida State College from 1:00-7:00 PM EST and Tuesday, February 20th in Jacksonville at the University of North Florida from 1:00-7:00 PM EST. Additional information on upcoming public hearings is available at


*PDF Copy Available at*

The CRC is a public-driven process and getting input from Floridians is critical. At public hearings, our goal is to help ensure that all Floridians wishing to speak before the CRC have an opportunity to be heard. Appearance forms are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis at the Citizen Services Desk and we strive to facilitate reasonable waiting times for those who sign-up to speak.

To help us provide Floridians a positive experience and reasonable waiting times, we respectfully request participants to observe the following guidelines:

1) One Person, One Appearance Form: To facilitate reasonable waiting times, individuals wishing to speak before the CRC may not submit more than one appearance form at the Citizen Services Desk. This is to discourage one participant from submitting multiple appearance forms on behalf of multiple participants ahead of other individuals who have been patiently waiting their turn in line. Speakers may speak on their own behalf, or on behalf of their organization.

2) Two-Minute Remarks: Hundreds of Floridians attend CRC public hearings. To help facilitate a fair process and reasonable waiting times, individuals who submitted an appearance form to the Citizen Services Desk shall be afforded two (2) minutes to discuss one or more proposals before the CRC. Due to high attendance, individuals may not submit multiple appearance forms on multiple topics.

3) Signs and Props: Handheld signage which does not obstruct the view of other attendees or invade others’ personal space is permitted. Signage must not block walkways. No balloons or noisemakers are permitted.

4) Decorum: Public hearings are an opportunity for all voices to be heard. Please be respectful of others’ opinions and speaking time allotted before the CRC. At all times, the Chair may regulate decorum.

5) Have Additional Thoughts or Don’t Have Time to Wait? Fill Out a Comment Form! If you do not wish to wait to speak before the CRC, you have the option of filling out a comment form and handing it in at the Citizen Services Desk. If you chose to speak before the CRC and wish to provide more comments, you are also welcome to additionally fill out a comment form. All comment forms received at the Citizen Services Desk will be made available to CRC Commissioners and posted online following the public hearing at (Comment forms available upon request at the Citizen Services Desk.)

At CRC public hearings, Floridians are encouraged to provide feedback on the 37 proposals under active consideration by the CRC. Public hearings are free events open to all Floridians who would like to attend. No tickets or RSVPs are required. Free public parking will be provided.



Once every 20 years, Florida's Constitution provides for the creation of a 37-member revision commission for the purpose of reviewing Florida's Constitution and proposing changes for voter consideration. The Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) meets for approximately one year, traveling the State of Florida, identifying issues, performing research and possibly recommending changes to the Constitution. Any amendments proposed by the CRC would be placed on the 2018 General Election ballot. For additional information, visit Follow the CRC on social media @FloridaCRC (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube).