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The CRC completed its work and submitted its final report. This website is maintained for archival purposes.

Florida Constitution Revision Commission

PUB 700006: To Allow the Voters to Veto a Bill as They See Fit by Carlos Gamez




Direct Veto

Within 60 day(s) after a bill is enacted and approved by the Legislature and Governor, voter(s) may call for a "Direct Veto". The procedure must be followed as hereby stated:
(1) The voter(s) shall complete a form to be made and published by the Division of Elections within 2 years
(2) The Division of Elections shall notify voter(s) within 7 day(s) of receiving form through U.S. Mail
(3) The Division of Elections shall notify the voter(s) and the day of notification shall be the start of a "Direct Veto "
(4) The Division of Elections shall also include a circulatory number as hereby stated: YY-Bill #-XXXX
(5) The voter(s) shall pay 10 cents for each signature to be verified unless there is an affidavit
(6) Voter(s) shall have 1 year from the day of notification to get signatures of 10% of voters in 75% of districts based upon previous general election
(7) Once the number has been met the law shall be repealed within 10 day(s) of meeting required number of signatures
(8) If deemed necessary the Governor may act by an executive order to halt a "Direct Veto " if one of the following requirements are met:
(8a) The repeal will cause any substantial harm to the State of Florida
(8b) The repeal will violate any part of this Constitution
(9) If the same law is passed 2 times after a "Direct Veto" this option may not be used
This article shall be in effect 2 year(s) after its passage.