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Florida Constitution Revision Commission

PUBLIC PROPOSAL FILING DEADLINE (UPDATE): Following Hurricane Irma, the CRC is reevaluating its public proposal filing deadline. We continue to accept all proposed constitutional amendments submitted by Floridians.

PUB 700033: Vocational Education as a Fundamental Right by Andrew Heneen


Catchline: Vocational education a fundamental right

Access to vocational education, which shall be considered any degree or non-degree program provided by a school in the Florida College System, is a fundamental right of the people. Reasonable tuition fees, tuition differences between residents and non-residents, and regulations justified by the safety of the campus do not infringe this right, nor shall this right be implicated by the physical location of a campus, the times of classes, or whether the course is only offered online, offline, or a combination of both online and offline; any other regulation that denies access to any degree or non-degree program provided by a school in the Florida College System must satisfy strict scrutiny. Schools in the Florida College System shall not deny access to a class or program to any person, nor deny or withold any degree, on account of that individual's inability to provide transcripts from all previously-attended post-secondary schools, if these transcripts are being witheld by the previously-attended post-secondary school for failure to satisfy an outstanding debt.